Cool Gadgets for your kitchen


A woman above all is considered to be a homemaker, the axis around whom the whole family life revolves; she is the one who maintains the balance of everything. And kitchen for her is her beloved fortress where she is the one who will always rule. Even the top chefs across the globe had admitted the fact that “No cuisine in the whole world can beat the food cooked by mothers”.

A kitchen well equipped with latest gadgets that makes work easier is always the top favorite of a lady. Now you might probably have started thinking that a bunch of nice kitchen gadgets will be a great gift for your mother, wife, girlfriend or daughter. And yes you are going the right way. Now what are those cool gadgets that will bring on her face that precious smile? What is that perfect gift for her? Let’s take a broad look at these cool gadgets that will make your life easier.

  • Flavor Shaker


A very trending product and a promising aspect, ceramic flavor shaker are very efficient in pulverizing all types of fresh herbs, every spice you can think of. Included with a spoon the flavor shaker’s work in a simple cocktail-shaker like action.

  • Iceorb


The Iceorb provides the user with a facility to freeze ice cube’s on it’s walls and a central storage to use as an Ice bucket, hence justifying it’s name and making it to our list of the kitchen cool gadgets.

  • Wire Whisk with Loop


This specially designed whisk embedded with loops cut’s down the whisking time to almost 80%. The whole magic behind it is in the loops that force in more air into the mixture that minimize the effort.

  • Trio Peeler


A very handy tool to peel of  your fruits and vegetables. It is a three-in-one tool with rotating blades that can be used to peel of hard skinned fruits, soft skinned fruits and even julienne.

  • Oil Mister


Thinking of cutting down to the extra fats and calories and at the same time enjoy your food; then this is one thing you should own. You can mist your herbs with oil you are comfortable with and add the flavor of your favorite herbs by adding them to the glass reservoir. So whenever you barbecue this super cool gadget will keep you and all your guests happy.

  • Condiment gun


Add style to your cooking. The way Stallone shot down his enemies in his movie’s, you combat your hotdog’s with the condiment gun. Load it up with ketchup, mustard or whatever ammunition you want to aim at your food. Design up some patterns on your food, and there are lot more possibilties to use this cool gadget.

  • Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks


The journey of your food from you plate to your mouth, especially when you are eating with a chop stick it has a very high probability of ending up in a disaster. Now you can save some extra efforts with the help of these chop sticks, wrap your food around them and squeeze the end to drip down the sauce. Enjoy your meal and save yourself from the embarrassment.