Dry Cleaning at home


Do you have a huge pile of clothing that has the tag “Dry Clean Only”? And the dry cleaning cost is concerning you? Well a majority of your clothes having “dry clean only” tags can actually be easily dry cleaned at home with the help of dry cleaning kit. In this article we will learn segregating clothes that can be dry cleaned at home, dry cleaning them with the help of a dry cleaning kit and give them their original look.

  • Segregation of clothes


  1. Clothes made from silk, rayon and wool can easily be cleaned up at home. For your leather, fur and suede clothes don’t even think of dry cleaning them yourself as they are dry cleaned by special procedure. Your soft and delicate clothes that your fear will get damaged by washing, you definitely should dry clean them.
  2. Examine the level to which your clothes have been stained. If they have light 2 or 3 stains then it’s good, but if they are soiled and covered with mud or dirt, don’t bother cleaning them.
  3. Prepare your clothes your clothes for dry cleaning by treating them with a stain remover. Treat the water and oil based stains with a stain remover, use a spray bottle or pens that come in the kit to treat the stains or you can use your on spray bottle.


  • Dry Cleaning Procedure


  1.  Place the clothes in a dry cleaning bag, making sure that it is only half full as it needs space for the rotation of clothes. Place them between the dry cleaning sheet well which actually is the main magic in the dry cleaning kits. Make sure you place same colored clothes together to avoid any color staining.
  2. Clean up the dryer filters and place a timer for the dryer. 30 minutes of drying is appropriate, as drying clothes for too long intervals make the clothes wrinkled. Hang your dry cleaned clothes so that the wrinkles fall out.


  • The final touch


  1. Check your clothes for stains. If still stains persist use the stain remover again.
  2. Iron your clothes to straighten them up. Professional dry cleaners use chemical but ironing clothes at home is sufficient to straighten them up. Keep the iron sufficiently hot, and do not steam iron your clothes.
  3. If you have a steamer, steam your clothes instead of ironing them. And there you have your clothes dry cleaned like they have been cleaned professionally.


Dry cleaning at home not only saves your money but also you can sometimes take that special clothes of yours but it have a limitation that it cannot be used for all type of clothes, so for such type of clothes you have to go to a dry cleaner. Trying the same procedure on those specific clothes will damage them. You have been cautioned. Now you go and clean up your lightly stained clothes and save some extra bucks.