Fitness Gadgets-Your companions in Mission Fitness

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Are you a fitness freak?? If yes read more if not then definitely read more. Everyone loves to be fit and fine and everyone should keep themselves fit and fine. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind.

In order to keep your body in shape, you go to gym, you jog, exercise and the list goes on and on and on. We bring to you the latest in the world of gadgets that are more than useful in your regime to look what you always picture yourself  like.

  • Nike Fuelband


A simple motion sensor embedded wristband, the Nike Fuelband is a fitness gadget that calculates the calories you have burnt out in the whole day. Do all your daily chores. This wrist band will indicate with the help of NIKE FUEL INDICATOR, helps you to keep a check on how much you have burnt out in the whole day. Available in 3 different colors the sleek black wristband looks the best.

  • Polar RCX3 GPS

iamlady-polar-rcx3     If you love running or cycling and track your total activity then consider this GPS watch, unlike the Fuelband or Up, Polar Rcx3 tracks the route, speed and distance you have completed, which can be uploaded on Polar’s website. With the help of it  you get access to various training programs, can easily track your progress and get a  feedback on your workout regime.

  • Strava Run and Strava cycling Application



It’s not necessary to have a watch to track your exercise. Smartphone apps use the GPS features to perform all such tracking tasks. Strava’s apps are worth your try. You can compare your performance with other  application users, which keeps you boosted. All you need to do is strap up your smartphone to your arms and there you are all set for your routine.

  • Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband


Maximum people out of you use your smartphone while you exercise, be it to track your total activity or to listen to music, it’s totally  worth getting this armband to keep your device safe and sound. It might feel awkward to you at first having a phone strapped to your arm but it makes it easier to view your device the screen, scroll through your playlist or check exercise stats without fumbling your device in your pocket. This fitness gadget from Griffin is perfect for it  and is available for a large range of devices.

  • Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale


No one obsessed with  fitness gadgets can make do without  bathroom scales. Fitbit had introduced wireless smart scales. They tell you your weight, track your  weight changes and monitor BMI(Body Mass Index) and body fat percentage of about seven people. The data can be uploaded via a WiFi network and is available online or can be viewed on a free iPhone app.

  • Bose SIE2i Headphones


I’ll give you three reasons to buy dedicated sport headphones. First, they have specially designed tips to keep them secure in your ears while your body is in motion. Second, the best they are weather and sweat resistant – and sweating out while exercising is one common thing. And the last one, they have short length chords, which implies no tangling  up in them while you move. Bose SIE21, are loaded with all these qualities and have the incredible Bose Sound. In all it’s a win-win deal for the buyer.