Easy Recipe-How to cook tofu


Cooking tofu seems to be any easy task, it’s more of an art, and because of this reason the opinion of people about tofu differs. Anyone will avert to something that had not been cooked in the manner it was meant to be. Tofu by its nature has a soft texture and a sweet taste. The main trick to cook tofu is drying out before frying to get that color and flavor out of it. The more moisture you dry out of it the crispier it will cook from outside. The other thing that one has to make sure of is that tofu on one side should be crispier from outside and tender and soft from inside. Now you can master the art and learn how to cook tofu in following simple steps.

  • Choosing the perfect tofu. The first and the foremost step on which everything depends.

Tofu can be categorized into 2 basic types:

  1. Soft tofu with cottony texture
  2. Silken tofu with a firm texture

The type of tofu depends on the final water content and the coagulating gents being used. Soft           cottony tofu crisps better and the golden brown color when fried because of its extra firm                     characteristic.

  • After you have chosen tofu the next step is to CUT AND DRY the tofu. Cut the tofu into slices and lay down the pieces on a paper towel. Now press and dry out the moisture out of the tofu. Some people suggest while teaching how to cook tofu to press the whole block of tofu but just think over it once, why put extra effort and time in doing that when you can easily and quickly cut as well as dry out tofu. One another method that we get to read often is to add some boiling salty water. The boiling water extracts out the moisture from the tofu and the salt seasons the slices.


  • The next step is marinating tofu which seems easy but it’s just the opposite of it. You can just simply marinade tofu into any type of flavor you feel like having. If you do so the only flavor you get is of the marinade. Try different types of sauces after you cook your tofu. Tofu needs to retain its own flavor and nature in order to taste the best so first of all cook the tofu and then mix it up with sauces or season it up with spices. People tend to do this mistake often when learning how to cook tofu.
  •  Now you have to coat and deep fry your tofu. You can blend your tofu with corn starch, flour, rice flour and potato starch. Add a coat of any of the above and then deep fry your tofu so that it gets crispier and its inner part gets softer. Now you can try various combinations with it as you have provided the tofu with the extra covering that helps it gain the flavor it needs to soak on.


These were the basics of how to cook tofu. You can also stir fry your tofu but it needs some special care. One is always suggested to deep fry if they are not good in stir frying food. You can blend your tofu with any type of cuisine you like. For instance you can fry it up with some exotic vegetables and add up spicy sauces like Schezwan to give it an oriental flavor.