All That You Need To Know About Fashion Island


Owned by The Irvine Company, Fashion Island established in 1967 is a part of the Newport center, Newport Beach, California. It provides the visitors with a luxurious and premium dining experience. All the top brands and label made it a priority to place a store at this upscale, open-air center dedicatedly satisfies all the requirement of a shopper, anything and everything they dream off.

fashion island


  • The early years-  Designed by William Pereira and Welton Becket, fashion island in its early years opened up with Buffum’s, J. W. Robinson’s, The Broadway, and J.C. Penney along with other small stores. The property has a distinct Spanish architectural theme which adds to the beauty of this place. As time went by Bullocks Willshire and Neiman Marcus came up. J.C Penny in the coming year got reconstructed into the Atrium Court.


By the end of the 1980’s a major renovation took place and numerous additions were made amongst which is the IRIS FOUNTAIN. By the end of 2009 The Irvine Company took another major renovation step, with a shift from its old Spanish architecture to Italian Architecture.

fashion island terrace


Every year a week prior of Christmas a huge Christmas tree is set up for the visitors to enjoy the most important time of the year in a very special way, where people enjoy some extravagant performances by various artists from across the globe. It is one of the biggest trees across America, and is brought into pieces to the venue. If you look for a precise reference look around the Bloomingdale’s building, you will find it.

Christmas Tree

Fashion Island being one of the center of attraction of the Newport Beach areas is famous for the luxurious experience, fine dining and along with its counterpart venues had made The Newport Beach stand apart on the global scale.


  • Iconic Restaurants
  1. Canaletto Ristorante Veneto
  2. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Bar
  3. Roy’s
  4. Rustica California Wine Bistro
  5. Cheesecake Factory
  6. California Pizza Kitchen
  7. P.F.Chang’s China Bistro
  8. El Torito Grill
  9. Great Maple
  10.  Hana Grill
  11. Cafe R+D



  • Anchor Store’s

 1.Bloomingdale’s covering 187,534 sq ft (17,422.5 m2)

2.Bloomingdale’s Home Store covering 62,000 sq ft (5,800 m2)

3.Macy’s covering 224,219 sq ft (20,830.6 m2)

4.Neiman marcus 153,000 sq ft (14,200 m2)

5.Nordstrom covering 138,000 sq ft (12,800 m2)


Fashion Island is a must go place if you are in California and looking for some place to spend quality time. Explore the neighborhood and spend some quality time with your partner’s,family or even alone. There is too much going around that even if your alone you can definitely find company and have a nice evening.