Lower Body Workout By Yoga Asans


We will all accept that lower body is just significant as upper body. We all want to flaunt away sturdy, lean legs while you are rocking our 3-inch high heels around. Yoga is a full-body workout that concentrates not just on flexibility, but strength and cardio health as well.

Power of the body and the mind are results of a yoga practice. Today we aim on forms for standing up positions, specifically the warrior series. The warrior poses are specially great for a powerful mind, therefore hold this series in psyche when you are making a tough decision in your very own life. It’s astonishing how much clarity comes when you will be on the mat.

While in your practice, and in your everyday life for this matter, do not forget about to breathe. Breathing is the crucial link between the body to mind. Expand those lungs and take a deeper breath in order to hold you through the poses.

Peaceful Warrior Position

Stand with legs wide apart, switch your Right foot outside and the L foot in.

Bend the right knee in a 90-degree angle, maintain knee in line together with foot Reach up with the Right arm, look up in the direction of your Right hand, maintain chin toward your Right shoulder Left arm resting softly down on Left leg. Keep both shoulders relaxing down, keep sinking into Right leg and also generating length in Right side of the body.

Hold and inhale profoundly for 5-10 deeper breaths.

Repeat same procedures for the other side.


Stretched Angle Position

Stay with legs large apart, turn your Right foot out and the Left foot in

Bend your right knee in a 90 degree angle, maintain Right knee in line with foot

Tilt sideways, gently placing your Right forearm upon your Right thigh

If your flexibility permits, reach the Right hand to the ground as long as your hips don’t push back

Left arm reaches up towards the sky, palm lining frontward, just off shoulder level

Upper body remains open

Hold and inhale profoundly for 5-10 deeper breaths

Repeat exact same steps for the other side


Goddess Position

Stand with legs wide apart, turn both the feet out to a comfortable position

Bend both the knees over ankles to 90 degrees, keep knees in line with feet, hips stay down

Experience the stretch in your inner thighs, as well as the heating (strength) develop in the legs

Arms in prayer position, or overhead mirroring the leg position

Hold and inhale deeply for 5-10 deep breaths


Human Chair Position

Feet together or shoulder width apart, sit back into a chair pose

Body weight primarily in the heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes)

Arms stretch forward directly ahead or slightly lifted

You can relax neck, neck, and facial muscles




The Eagle Position

Stand on your Right leg

Cross the L leg over such as a person is seated in a chair (legs crossed at inner thigh, as when you are wearing a skirt, or ankle relaxing on thigh, such as you are sitting casually)

Stay back like in “chair” position, body weight towards heel (you should be in a position to wiggle your toes)

Hands together like the prayer position


The Crane Posture

Feet together, flex your knees, stretch toward the ground for support

Raise the heels high so that you are harmonizing on the balls of the feet

Practice acquiring your balance until you can easily balance on your hands at ease.

Maintain your spine long, knees up, tail down, core strong, shoulders as well as facial muscles at ease.