Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


Mercedes-Benz a renowned name in the world of auto-mobile not only is an iconic brand in automobile segment but also it has an esteemed reputation in the world of fashion. Every year Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with IMG, host a series of fashion weeks across the globe. Under the name of ”Mercedes-Benz  Fashion Week” New York, Berlin, Miami, Istanbul and Australia.  In the world of fashion MBFW is one of the most awaited events as it showcases a bandwagon of top fashion houses and designers .

This event marks the onset of various new trends as the big names in the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armaani after thousand s of looks present their line-up and the next day are the headlines across the globe in media.

Here we present you Mercedes-Benz Fashion week Calendar. A review of what had happen so far and preview to what will happen next.

  • Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2014

This year MBFW New York themed for Spring/Summer collection saw a new wave of designers showcasing their work and the royalty of fashion justifying why they are and will rule this world. While Marc Jacobs choose to walk down the models without any makeup and it seemed to be the next favorite of the designer fraternity. Ralph Lauren’s woman princess, an adventurer presented cotton cargo pants with an amethyst silk top in sage green and bright orange colors. Reality stars also marked their presence as they walked down the runway for various designers.


  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Miami 2014

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Miami completing 10 years showcased was themed to present swim lineup. Swim Week have slowly and gradually seen a rise and are hence being considered an important event. This year Miami Swim Week saw the return of one piece swim suits and sporty silhouettes. The top looks were mixed prints which were focused on colors and only colors, maillots and sport-look pieces.

Said designer Mara Hoffman: “This year is all about color, trying to push things and take it to the next level. Athletic-inspired silhouettes are really big this year.”


  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Istanbul 2014

Scheduled to be held from October 13-18th parallel to MBFW Tokyo will be themed Autumn/Winter. Argande , DB Berdan, Kith & Kin and many more designers will be showcasing their designs for the autumn/winter season.


  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2014

From September 24-27 Sydney will host MBFF 2014, where the designers will showcase a summer lineup as the Australian Sub-continent will be ready to welcome summers. Swarovski, Ixiah, Song For The Mute, Steven Khalil, Rachel Gilbert and a whole bunch of big names will showcase their work and the trends set there will more or less be seen in the Spring/Summer collection in the Northern part of the world.


  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2015

19-22nd January Designers will fly down to Berlin to showcase their work for Autumn/Winter Season. The MBFW along with Paris Fashion Week play a key role in deciding the new trends and also an important time for Europe Fashion Houses and even those from other parts of world to show where and what their actual strength is.