Prom Night Special- 3 way to wear that Little Black Dress


Prom is coming. It is everywhere now.
I will graduate from College this summer.
Sadly I will not attend my prom because it is very expensive for me and my family.
Still I like to imagine how my dress will be.
One of my best friends is going to graduate from Med School and she will be attending to her prom.
She invite me to her prom and I’m very grateful for that. So I was thinking I will need a dress but not a fancy dress because I will be a guest. The solution to my problem is the Classic Little Black Dress.
Here at Dresssale, I have multiple and beautiful choices to choose for the perfect dress for Prom. I really like this LBD from Dresssale. So for today’s post I will recreate 3 different ways to wear this LBD for prom.

1. White Coloracac

2. Audrey Hepburn’s Style


3. Colorful Colors