Quick Tips On Fashion Photography


Let’s keep it short and go through some fashion photography tips to help you improve your skills and gain more experience.


  • Proper Direction

Prepare the concept and visualize the final result as it will help you direct the models and fetch the maximum out of them. Signs of anger, anxiety and confusion get reflected back in the work of the models and affect the efficiency of both the photographer and the model. Organize a list and rehearse before the actual shoot to get your models into that groove and feel of the shot.

  • The Rules are meant to be broken

It’s not necessary for you to follow the rule book. If you have a concept that is out of the box and yet very effective, break the rules. Play with the contrast, brightness and the lights on your subjects. Unless you don’t experiment you won’t gain experience and you never know what an experiment might end up to.


  • Lead the team

Since it is your concept you should lead the team. Listen to their suggestions as they might prove out to be helpful, but reach a conclusion after you have done all the brain storming. If you don’t agree to the suggestions you need not go with them.

  • Proper Light and Metering

When you are shooting in a studio meter all across the area in order to make sure you don’t get an unwanted shadow and the subject is exposed to proper lighting. Use an external meter for the purpose as it offers precise readings as compared to your camera’s meter.


  • Put together all the elements properly

Fashion photography is about the clothes and beauty of the models. The make-up of the models should be complementing the attire. For an example, for sensual and seductive shoot go with dark make-up and heavily styled hair as you have to bring out both the facial expressions as well as the dress to be shot.

  • The light source

Always keep a check on the light source. Use reflectors and additional source of light to properly expose the subject. If you are in an outdoor location place the reflectors and light source smartly to bring the best out of the subject as well as avoid any shadow formation. The camera’s flash will not be sufficient for outdoors but the same rule does not apply for a studio. Also keep a check on the exposure as you might need to bracket the exposure which usually happens when using mirrors as a prop for shooting.


So these were some Fashion Photography tips to help you improve your photography sense. Women in the world of fashion photography have done great guns. Instead lately, the demand for female fashion photographers has seen a rise and the scope for it as a profession has also widened as many schools are offering fashion photography as a full time course.