iamlady-spring cleaning

Spring a season filled with the winds of change, a pleasant breeze, blooming flowers, and the serenade of birds being some of its iconic changes. And is your home still not out of the winter blues? You still are thinking of taking a head start before the spring and the summer seasons?

Spring cleaning is a very common practice followed in the beginning of the spring season in which you thoroughly clean your house, every inch, and every corner of it. This term is now even used as a synonym for thorough cleaning and cleaning before some inspection. Getting straight to what we are here for, let’s make a basic checklist and go through some tips on spring cleaning.

                                               Spring Cleaning-Basic Checklist


  • Cleaning room by room
  1. Kitchen-Defrost your fridge by turning its power off, and clean it thoroughly with a baking soda solution. Clean refrigerator coils with a vacuum cleaner as they are under the refrigerator and are usually covered with lots and lots of dust.
  2. Living room-Change the curtains and rugs of the living room to lighter ones, pack up the stuff of the room by pre cleaning in labeled boxes  and then go on the room cleaning spree.
  3. Bedroom-Turn over the mattress and replace the blankets according to the season. Machine Clean the pillows (Yes pillows can be machine washed!). Vacuum clean the room properly.
  • Cleaning your bathroom

Replace all the toiletries and bathroom products with fresh ones, dispose of expired first aid and cosmetics as well as worn out scrubs and brushes away from the reach of small children. Clean up the floor tiles and update the first aid kit.

  • Closet Cleaning

It’s time to replace the clothes according to the changed season. Dry clean your cold weather clothes cover and pack them in plastic bags. Replace them with clean summer clothes. And the clothes which you feel are no longer of use, donate them. Place naphthalene balls in your winter clothes to keep them fresh and in a first class condition.

  • Clean the utility space like basements and attic and place your non-useable commodities properly. Disinfect the area and make sure you check for rodents. Clean the garage and driveways, check for any damaged light and wires and replace them.

This was a basic spring cleaning checklist that will help you clean off your house and bring back the pleasantness.  Now let’s go through some spring cleaning tips that will help you reduce time as well as efforts.

                                                            TIPS FOR SPRING CLEANING


  • Clean your stainless steel utensils with wax-based aerosol. A mist of the spray will be sufficient to clean, and wipe it off with a clean cloth, preferably cotton.
  • Clean up the stains and odor. While blotting upholstery keep the cushions covered by a plastic bag and then clean the fabric. You can use the solution of vinegar and water to rinse of stains. Always remember cold water sets less stain than hot water, so use cold water only.
  • Use light color bed sheets, rugs and curtains as they keep the mood fresh and Light color are known to absorb heat less.
  • While organizing closet (which should be done first before proceeding to other things) organize the clothes according to use and get rid of those that you are not going to wear anymore. An organized closet with clothes set according to colors always has a soothing impact.
  • Reorganize your books and your bookshelf on the basis of their genre. Make sure to maintain a symmetry of size of books as it makes it look less messy.
  • To remove spots from walls, first try with a clean cloth and sponge dip in water. If it does not go off then go for soap, applying it directly on stubborn spots, and use spot cleaning formulas as a last resort. Make sure to clean with water again after using them.