Breast cancer


Women bear responsibilities in every sphere of their age, be it as a daughter, as a wife as a mother, an employee and any other form or sphere one can think of. With these responsibilities come different forms of disease and ailments. They face stress and other form of problems, keeping aside the menstrual pain. Being the dominated gender in various countries across the globe, they face oppression and malnutrition due to which many times their pain is undermined or they do not pay attention to it themselves leading to various health issues. Following are the most common women health issues faced by them across the globe.




Being one of the foremost problems faced by mankind, suffering from cancer is found the most in women. Breast, lung, genital cancer and many of the forms of cancer; women suffer the most from them. Breast Cancer is the most common out of all the types, following lung cancer as the cause of death in women. The increasing cases of cancer have now made women more aware about the problem but still majority are misinformed and regard cancer as their death sentence. According to WHO, the major causes of breast cancer include obesity, consumption of alcohol, abnormal breast biopsy, and genetic history of the disease in a family. The disease can easily be cured, but we need to educate ourselves more about it and should consult a doctor if in doubt.


Heart Disease

The major killer for both the gender, it is responsible behind 28% female death and a major women health issue. Due to heart diseases women die at an early stage, and hence have decreased the life expectancy figures in women in the society. Like that of cancer, heart problems in women also go under diagnosed or get avoided as they are typical and are mistaken to be of any other problem, which after certain point of time become incurable. The major reasons behind heart diseases include; blood pressure, blood cholesterol , obesity, diabetes and smoking. Women with a family history of any such disease are more prone to it.




Osteoporosis or bent backbone considered to be a mark of old age is more a disease and is caused majorly due to habits developed by women. As the body build most of its bone mass by the age of 30 and hence habits, up till that age span are the major cause of this disease . The cure to it are easy and include; proper body posture, adequate calcium and Vitamin D consumption, maintaining the body mass index, and as in every case a proper diet.


Women being the more common target of this disease, the number of women affected by depression is almost double compared to that of men. Being connected more to the society and the family as compared to their male counterparts women are the softer gender, and hence easily affected mentally by such issues. It is the root cause of nervous breakdown and is observed in women after failed pregnancy or related activities that are closer to them emotionally. Other causes of depression in women include history of the disease in family and the individual, Martial problems, drug abuse, sexual abuse and various disorders.


Premature Pregnancy

Women in many countries get pregnant at an age when conceiving a baby is dangerous for them; but due to lack of information, casual approach by their families and sometimes the social pressure to give birth to a boy in order to make sure the family tree continues, they have to conceive a baby. According to medical surveys conceiving baby at an early stage makes a female physically and mentally more prone to other forms of health issues. Giving birth to a baby no doubt is considered as the best experience for a lady, but at a premature age it needs more physical strength as the body is unable to deal with the pain and the recovery time span is more.


The above are some of the women health issues out of great number of them. Common cure for all of them are information and education about such issues, care and attention towards women as they are a pivot of every family and without them our life is unimaginable.