Comforting a sexual assault victim


You probably might have landed here and reading this because a women-your friend, colleague ,partner or someone near and dear had been a victim of this heinous activity, or you in the male chauvinist society that rules the majority of this planet have kept the ray of humanity still alive.

Every day we get to hear such incidents, where a women directly or indirectly had been a victim of sexual assault; molested, mistreated, raped or beaten down just to keep her voice oppressed. Have you ever imagined what if this happens to someone close to you??? What if someday a sexual assault victim seeks your help????


By following some basic steps you can not only help such person but also comfort her in such worse situation. They should feel that they are not alone in the fight for justice.

  • Medical attention (As soon as possible)

Such situations are worse of the worse a girl can imagine of, and at such times inform the emergency service and tell them about the situation. A trained professional’s supervision, who have expertise in comforting the victim, and a medical examination as soon as possible are the foremost things that should be taken care off. Prior to the medical check the victim should not  eat, drink, or shower.


  • Keep the evidence safe and intact

Collect all the evidence you can, especially the clothes the victim had been wearing at the moment of the crime. Everything at the spot of crime is of immense importance for the police as it makes the investigation easier. Keep the evidence in a poly bag and produce them to the police while lodging a complaint.


  • Always be there for your friend

Comforting the victim of sexual assault is always given a top priority but there are certain things that should be taken care of, because at such time every word counts. Never say that “I understand what you are going through” because you seriously do not. Keep yourself in her shoe. Don’t blame anything on the victim. Be supportive and keep faith in every word spoken by her. You might even get a late night call, talk to her to make her feel better.



  • Help her in her recovery period

Be a support for your friend until she is completely out of it. Talk to her as often as you can. Make her feel she is not alone and you will always be there for her no matter what happens. Moral presence is always that boosts a victim’s faith in people. Try to keep her mind focused on her recovery out of this situation.


  • Ensure your and your friend’s safety

There is a good probability that the culprit will come after the victim and even you. He will go to any extents to save himself from the law. Make sure your friend is safe wherever she is and be alert about your safety also.

iamlady-sexual assault


  • Watch your friend’ action and keep her distracted

Keep your friend as much distracted as you can. Don’t over talk about the incident. Talk about it only to the extent to which it is necessary. Sexual assault victim’s also show suicidal tendencies and try to cause harm to themselves. Watch over it and keep them involved in things as much as you can.



  • Be cautious with physical interaction

Physical interaction with the victim might make her feel uncomfortable, so be cautious regarding them. Hugging or kissing a victim too much often will surely cause discomfort for her. Ask whether she is fine with it or not.


A victim of sexual assault never wants any such thing in her life. Arousal on sexual interactions is a common thing because that is something the human body is coded with. You can’t blame the victim, she never wanted it; sometimes you are helpless when it comes to biological interactions. Always justify the saying, A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED.