Gone are the days when awareness about gadgets amongst women was far below as compared to that of their male counterparts and all they ever looked was for everything that has got the shade pink to it. Now women are equally aware and so are the manufacturers about the gadget market dedicatedly for women. It’s no more an exclusive male realm and tech manufacturers are every day launching a whole bunch of new tech gadgets keeping in mind the female requirement. Below are the Top 5 tech gadgets for women that at present are more or less a revolution and a must have for a lady.

  • Everpurse


It looks like purse but please don’t be disguised by its appearance, it’s a mobile portable charger that looks like a trendy purse and can be used to charge your phone. All you need is to slip in your phone to the charging slot and you get to charge your mobile for 2 full charging cycle. This tech costs you around $190-$300, with an inductive charging mat in the purse.

  • Orgio Hampton’s Tote Bag


It might not have the tech as that of an Everpurse but this tote bag from Orgio can store all your gadgets, your tablet, laptop, earphones chargers and all you can think of carrying. A very handy deal this bag is available in a variety of colors and of course in your beloved pink too, priced around $70.

  • Martian Smart Watch


Looking like your simple analog watch, this smart watch can receive your emails, text messages and display notification when clubbed with your smart phone. With a classy look to it this smart watch is available in a whole range of colors and will not only look smart on your wrist but also helps you in organizing and sending your emails and texts with the help of voice commands, everything hands-free. This tech smart watch will cost you around $320+.

  • Jackery Mini Portable Charger


This mini portable charger looks more like a lipstick but is a power house and a very affordable tech gadget priced around $70.Affordable indeed! It can charge your smartphone’s for a 50 hour usage. A very compact gadget and available in a variety of colors, it will not even hurt your packet, but you have to carry a charging cable. That much anyone can do for such a small yet handy power bank.

  • Handcandy Ladybuds


Earphones disguised as a necklace, Handcandy introduced this range keeping in mind the female users. It has a built-in microphone so that you can talk while you walk or do your chores; you can wear them when you walk around outside as they are brilliantly disguised as a necklace. It is available with three different earbud cushion size.