The perfect travel clothes for women


Going on a road trip?? Are you a regular travel?? Always confused what to take along and what to wear?? Travelling since ages have had its own pleasure’s and pain’s. You explore regions, interact with people, get to enjoy many places; but if you wear wrong set of clothes the journey is destined to be miserable.

It is very important to wear the perfect set of travel clothes for women, to enjoy the travel. In a happy mind resides a happy soul, and in comfortable clothes reside the happy mind. Below are some suggestions for travel clothes for women that if you consider before start of a journey you will definitely have a BON VOYAGE.




  • While travelling on a plane, a train or a bus


Air travels often are characterized by changing temperatures and congested seats. So it is very important to choose clothes that will keep you safe in such circumstances. Let us give what will be appropriate as well as make you look stylish parallel.



  1. Compression Legwear

 Such legwear is recommended to pregnant women, but it also is useful if you are on a long journey with many hault’s, for frequent flyers and those with other medical conditions. They help in preventing swelling of your legs and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by maintaining the blood flow in your legs.


  1. Layer’s of clothes

 Drape yourself in layer’s of foldable wrinkle free clothes that keeps you warm, can be easily folded back and can be of multipurpose use (Roll up your sweatshirt and use it as a pillow). Cotton jacket’s, Pashimina’s, Scarves, shawls and cardigans are all soft travel clothes for women that are easier to pack and carry and at the same moment keep you protected.


  1. Breathable shoes and fabric

Wear comfortable breathable fabric so that your body gets sufficient amount of oxygen and an air flow is maintained keeping you comfortable and feel fresh. A pair of nice comfortable shoes will keep your feet happy, and help you travel longer distances with ease.



  • While travelling to a place with hot weather


If you are travelling to Egypt, UAE, The West Indies or in short countries characterized by a hot climate then you should consider these travel clothes.


  1. Cotton Scarves and Drapes

 Scarves keep your face and head covered providing protection from the sun, as well as they keep you cooler, as the wind keeps cotton cooler. Scarves protect you from the dust and add a different look altogether to your personality.


  1. Light colored clothes

 Light colored clothes have a characteristic of being less receptive to the sun rays as compared to the darker ones. These days we even have UV protection in fabric that prevents any type of skin damage from sun. Light colored travelling clothes for women are always suggested, as they not only keep your body temperature in control but also fetches out the charm of your face.


  1. Nothing with a tight fit

 Clothes with a tight fit are a strict no-no for such places as they prevent the air flow in body and hence you will feel the heat more, and cause discomfort. Wear clothes that are a bit loose, that are soft; and to be more precise are made of cotton. Don’t wear anything synthetic.


  • While travelling to a place with colder climate

The travel to regions to colder climate have a whole different set of travel clothes for women. From cotton there is a switch to wool. Warm clothes that keep the body covered and insulated are now the top preference.



  1. Say yes to silk and wool, a big no to cotton.

 Woolen and silk clothes in winters are best known to keep the body warm, at the same time cotton is infamous for absorbing water, so in winters do not carry cotton clothing with you. They make up the perfect travel clothes women should carry for such place’s.


  1. Don’t over carry your coats

 It is advised to wear the coat instead of packing it up in a bag, as it occupies too much space. Even then if it is very necessary then only carry one or two more coats. Resort to other alternates like hoodies and soft jackets.


  1. Cap’s and Muffler’s

 Caps, mufflers, warm socks etc are even though small, but at the same time are very essential for such places as they provide you with an extra layer of protection and insulation from the cold weather.



So these were some suggestions for travel clothes for women for various sets of circumstances. It is always suggested to travel light and according to the climate.