The reasons why you should buy a Travel Insurance


Planning a holiday trip with your family??? Have you bought a travel insurance?? Want to know why you should buy it?? After the uprise in the travel industry travel insurance was introduced. With increasing awareness people have started making sure they keep their trip insured.
What all it covers will be your next question. From your trip tickets to your luggage, your health; it covers all the possible areas where a traveler has a probability of facing bad situations. Let’s brief it little more to understand the whole concept and it’s importance.

• Just imagine, just few hours before you leave for a happy trip that you have been planning from so long, god forbid you have to cancel it out. If you have a travel insurance it will cover all the ticket charges, but there is a condition, buy your travel insurance at the time of booking tickets then only it will cover the ticket charges. There are few companies that offer this service and to be on the safer side one should keep the tickets insured.

• You have reached your destination and your luggage has been stolen. All your important belongings were in it. Travel insurance covers all your baggage, and your belongings. Now you might be having a doubt that the airlines and the government cover the loss of baggage. But if you do the total math you will find out how much you get if you lose baggage on an international trip and a look at the item excluded in it will let you know that your jewelry, financial documents and other important things that are an obvious part of luggage are not covered in it. Read the “excess valuation” clause that airlines don’t mention loud and clear, with it’s help you get the contents of bag evaluated and insured.

• Most of you might be having a health insurance, but do you know that there are so many loop holes in it. If you are in some other country, many companies do not cover them as a part of health insurance. Even if they do they never bear the expense of bringing you back to your country. “Medical Evacuation and Repatriation” insurance covers all such costs. Medical emergencies are a very common occurrence while on travel and you never know how much it is going to cost you.

• If you are on an adventure trip, skiing or scuba diving or enjoying adventure sports; or are on a professional travel to some adventure sport competition third party travel insurance will keep you and your travel insured.

• Many times a situation arises when you have to cancel your trip midway due to medical or personal emergency. For small budget trip for example like those of around $200-$300 don’t consider buying it. But when you have a big budget, make it a point to buy a travel insurance for such trip cancellation causes.


These were some main points to justify the need for travel insurance. Always read the terms and conditions document properly. Check all the clauses covered in it and buy a travel insurance smartly. Companies manipulate the documents in different ways so make it a point to read each and every point in the document.