Things to be kept in mind on your first date



Since the birth of the human race the attraction towards the opposite sexes has been a natural phenomenon and some way or the other this attraction is a part of our human growth cycle. Women being the water sign, are marked by traits that men have to take special care of in order to lure her and keep a level of understanding with. A time went by the concept of dating was adapted the society and now is regarded as the first step of interaction between the two gender’s.

A  Women at her first date have many expectations from the guy she is going to date and always want it to be a quality time, well spent with a deserving person. There is a long list of things to be kept in mind to make your date memorable, to shorten it up below are some points that have to be taken special care of.


  • Keep your cell phone away

This goes for both men and women that over involvement with your cell phone is a very annoying habit, as it is an indicator of your non-interest in the person you are with. So it advised to keep you phone away and pay attention the person with you.



  •  Be funny but not too much of it

              Having a good sense of humor is always regarded as a plus point by a female as they love the men who make them laugh. But cracking too much jokes on a date might portray a false image of you, a women always want her guy to be good humored as well as sensible.




  •  Be well mannered

              A well mannered behavior is regarded as the traits of a gentleman. On a date make sure you open the gate, draw the chair for her and treat her the way she loves it the most. Your manners always add up valuable points in you tally and are a trait that should be taken care of everywhere you go because women love this quality in male’s.fancy-date-main




  •  Always be on time, rather be 5 minutes early

Be five minutes early at the location of your date as it provides you ample time to find a suitable place for yourself. Never make a girl wait for you on a date, be 5 minutes early at her place if you are supposed to pick her up.  Your presence before her will not only make her feel special but will also help you get rid for the anxiety and the nervousness.



  • Dress up carefully as per the occasion

Being a male you will always dress to impress, but you can’t always wear your Armani’s everywhere. If you’re going to an opera then to a plush restaurant, you should wear a tux; but don’t think of it if you are going for a baseball game or to a dive bar. Even if you are rushing up from your work, put away that jacket and loosen up your tie. Going to a Mc Donald’s then a sweatshirt will do, but for a place above it a pair of formals will always keep you on safer side. She should know that you have made up efforts to dress up, for this date. ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND, don’t keep your hair messed up, a well groomed man always symbolizes handsomeness.



  •  Keep your conversation pleasant

While on a date the more you get to know each other, the better it is for both of you. Keep a 1:1 conversation with each other, neither of you should be talking too much; but make sure you talk. Never mention your exes and she should never feel that you are trying to be superior over her. Try to explore her, her likes and dislikes and what sort of person she is.



In  the end to some up, keep things slow and according to her; say you’re your goodbyes by a kiss on her forehead and wait for your next date as it will make things more interesting the next time you meet. And make sure you follow these points on your further dates too.