Top Cities of Europe For Travel And Leisure


As holiday season is on the rise we start planning out trips to our relatives, to explore our country and explore destinations abroad. Come let us take a glimpse of the top cities of Europe for travel and leisure. These are some of the most romantic cities, world heritage cities, busiest ones and some exclusively known for their travel and leisure locations.

  • London, England


The capital of England as well as the United Kingdom, London is the largest city of Western Europe, more of a centre of Western Europe. Probably one of the busiest cities, London is known to be the megapolis of people, ideas, a blend of different cultures, and a city with the Big Bang.

  • Paris, France




Located in the northern side of the France and  on the river Seine, Paris is famous as  the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, the very center of various  historic associations and is vastly influential in the fields of culture, art, fashion, food, cinema and design. It is a dream of every lover to express his love in front of the Eifel Tower.

  • Rome, Italy


Rome, known as the ‘Eternal City’, is the capital of Italy and a major travel and leisure destination. It is famous for the Seven Hills, La Dolce Vita, the Vatican City and Three Coins in the Fountain. A UNESCO World Heritage Site Rome in its past has seen the rise and fall of God and Man.

  • Barcelona, Spain


Spain’s second largest city Barcelona, has a population of total 1.5 million people, and was the capital of Catalonia. Situated on the Mediterranean coast, and blessed with unique historic architecture, Barcelona emerged on the world map as a tourist destination in the 90s. The heart of Spanish football and even the world, Barcelona is the home of Barcelona FC, which has one of the finest footballers in their band wagon.

  • Dublin, Ireland


The Irish capital Dublin, is a home for more than a quarter of the Irish population which resides in the greater Dublin metropolis area. It is a small yet a very beautiful city and can be easily navigated by foot, as most of the population lives in the nearby suburbs.

  • Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul is Turkey’s capital and a physical and cultural bridge between Asia and Europe. The center for culture and finance of Turkey, Istanbul is located on both the sides of the Bosphorus, which is a narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. One gets to see the effect of both Asia and Europe on the architecture, culture and cuisine of this city.

  • Madrid, Spain


The capital of Spain, Madrid is also considered to be the fashion center of Europe and is a host to many prestigious events in the world of fashion. Known for its great cultural and artistic heritage, Madrid has of the liveliest nightlife one ever wishes off.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam boast of an impressive architecture, some very lovely canals criss-crossing the city, great for shopping, and people fluent with English. The Dutch capital is also the birth place of many world famous DJ’s and a hub for Electronic Dance Music fans. This city has everything for you, tasty cuisine, amazing architecture, superb music and some serene locations that are dream for every writer. From travel to leisure this city has everything to offer to you.

These were some of the cities of Europe famous for their everything and anything. These iconic travel and leisure capitals are just a part of Europe’s beauty.  Cities like Vienna, Florence, Prague, Venice, Zurich and so many more are a part of this beautiful continent.